The State of Texas vs. FISHER, AUDREY DIANE

  Defendant Name: FISHER, AUDREY DIANE Charge: FORGERY GOVT FINANCIAL INST Date Filed: 2019-02-26 Address: 1540 AMBERWOOD LOOP HOUSTON, TX >   Race: W Sex: F Date of Birth: 1977-04-27 Case Disposition:  Disposition Date:  Attorney: VANIK, LINDSAY DAVIS (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: Officer:     

The State of Texas vs. RAGLIN, DAVID PAUL

  Defendant Name: RAGLIN, DAVID PAUL Charge: THEFT >=$750   Race: B Sex: M Date of Birth: 1984-02-14 Case Disposition: LESSER OFF. GUILTY PLEA – NO JURY Disposition Date: 2018-10-19 Attorney: PITONIAK, NATHANIEL CARY (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: CONSTABLE PCT 4 Officer: LOVE, DEJA