The State of Texas vs. STARR, BROOKE CASSIDY

  Defendant Name: STARR, BROOKE CASSIDY Charge: POSS CS PG 1 1 – 4 GRAMS Date Filed: 2018-05-11 Address: 600 CHERYL LONEVIEW, TX >   Race: W Sex: F Date of Birth: 1994-12-01 Case Disposition: DEFERRED ADJUD OF GUILT Disposition Date: 2018-10-08 Attorney: WHITE, BROCK A (HIRED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: CONSTABLE PCT 2 Officer: FLORES, OMAR    

The State of Texas vs. DUNN, KINNER TIMOTHY

  Defendant Name: DUNN, KINNER TIMOTHY Charge: ASSAULT-FAMILY MEMBER Date Filed: 2017-03-09 Address: 700 GULFCREST DR. LONGVIEW, TX >   Race: W Sex: M Date of Birth: 1987-10-10 Case Disposition: DEFERRED ADJUDICATION TERMINATED Disposition Date: 2018-10-16 Attorney: HORAK, MATTHEW PATRICK (HIRED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT HARRIS COUNTY Officer: NGUYEN, HOANG-NAM VU