The State of Texas vs. WORDEN, EARL DAVID

  Defendant Name: WORDEN, EARL DAVID Charge: SEX ASSLT CHILD 14-17 Date Filed: 2019-02-21 Address: 401 6TH ST SAN LEON, TX >   Race: W Sex: M Date of Birth: 1961-09-19 Case Disposition:  Disposition Date:  Attorney: LANDERS, JONATHAN DAVID (HIRED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: Officer:     

The State of Texas vs. BOYETT-BAY, KIM MARIE

  Defendant Name: BOYETT-BAY, KIM MARIE Charge: MAN/DEL CS PG II 1-4 GRAMS Date Filed: 2018-10-13 Address: 913 AVE K SAN LEON, TX >   Race: W Sex: F Date of Birth: 1971-07-18 Case Disposition: DISM OTHER Disposition Date: 2018-10-15 Attorney: () Arresting Agency: WEBSTER POLICE DEPARTMENT Officer: BERRY, SHAINA    


  Defendant Name: GARCIA, IVELISSE VILLANUEVA Charge: POSS CS PG 1   Race: W Sex: F Date of Birth: 1981-09-26 Case Disposition: DISMISSED OTHER Disposition Date: 2018-10-25 Attorney: MOSELEY, ANN LEE DULEVITZ (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: CONSTABLE PCT 8 Officer: JACKSON, KEVIN GARARD    

The State of Texas vs. NGUYEN, HUNG VAN

  Defendant Name: NGUYEN, HUNG VAN Charge: DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED Date Filed: 2016-09-16 Address: 932 24TH ST SAN LEON, TX >   Race: A Sex: M Date of Birth: 1955-11-01 Case Disposition: CONVICTION-PLEA OF GUILTY Disposition Date: 2018-10-15 Attorney: DUONG, JOHN D. (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT Officer: NGUYEN, CJ