The State of Texas vs. SOPCHAK, STEPHEN BOYD

  Defendant Name: SOPCHAK, STEPHEN BOYD Charge: DWI THIRD Date Filed: 2019-02-15 Address: 3314 EAGLE CREEK DR. MONT BELVI, TX >   Race: W Sex: M Date of Birth: 1960-09-10 Case Disposition:  Disposition Date:  Attorney: GRAVES, TUCKER (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: Officer:     

The State of Texas vs. REYES, ALEJANDRO

  Defendant Name: REYES, ALEJANDRO Charge: TAMPER/FABRICATE EVIDENCE Date Filed: 2018-10-14 Address: 9522 TAYLOR LN MONT BELVI, TX >   Race: W Sex: M Date of Birth: 1985-10-09 Case Disposition: DISM OTHER Disposition Date: 2018-10-15 Attorney: BRISTOW, RACHEL CAPOTE (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: CONSTABLE PCT 8 Officer: WARREN, TRAVIS R JR    

The State of Texas vs. WALTON, BETTY MARIE

  Defendant Name: WALTON, BETTY MARIE Charge: THEFT >=$100   Race: W Sex: F Date of Birth: 1947-01-14 Case Disposition: DISMISSED Disposition Date: 2018-10-26 Attorney: LEITNER, CAROL M (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: BAYTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT Officer: KING, THOMAS