The State of Texas vs. SAMPLE, JABARI ANTWAN

  Defendant Name: SAMPLE, JABARI ANTWAN Charge: EVADING ARREST/DETENTION W/VEH Date Filed: 2019-02-14 Address: 301 LIBERTY PL GRAND PRAI, TX >   Race: B Sex: M Date of Birth: 2001-02-19 Case Disposition:  Disposition Date:  Attorney: DICKEY, JEANIE L. (APPOINTED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: Officer:     

The State of Texas vs. WOOD, JAKE EDWARD

  Defendant Name: WOOD, JAKE EDWARD Charge: DWI 2ND Date Filed: 2018-04-15 Address: 915 DESCO LN GRAND PRAI, TX >   Race: W Sex: M Date of Birth: 1989-06-02 Case Disposition: PROBATION-PLEA OF GUILTY Disposition Date: 2018-10-08 Attorney: CHERNOFF, EDWARD (HIRED DEFENSE ATTORNEY) Arresting Agency: SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT HARRIS COUNTY Officer: BEATY, BEAU