Suspect Arrested, Charged in Attempted Kidnapping at 6501 Memorial Drive

Charges have been filed against a suspect in an attempted kidnapping of a woman and child at 6501 Memorial Drive about 9:05 a.m. on Jan. 28, and investigators are asking for any other potential victims to come forward.

The suspect, Shane Davis, is charged with attempted kidnapping in the 182nd State District Court.
The female victim, 37, and her three-year-old daughter were walking in Memorial Park at the above address when an unknown white male suspect approached them and claimed he was the little girl’s father. The female brought her daughter to a safe area and then went to her vehicle in the parking lot. The suspect had pulled his truck, a red Dodge Ram 1500, to the area where the victim was parked and tried to block in the woman’s vehicle. The victim managed to leave the parking lot and drove away in hopes of flagging down a police officer. The suspect pursued the victim’s car for several miles, but drove away when he saw the woman trying to get the attention of an officer.
A witness at the park called 9-1-1 and provided investigators with a possible license plate on the suspect’s truck. Further investigation led to the identity of Davis as the suspect in this case. Investigators located and arrested Davis last Saturday without incident and subsequently had charges of felony attempted kidnapping filed on him.
Investigators ask anyone who may have been victimized or approached in a similar manner by Davis to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600.


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