Four arrested in major drug lab operation

Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies shut down a major drug lab in northwest Harris County this week.

Four suspects were arrested; over $1 million in drugs were confiscated.
On Monday, Dec. 15, deputies obtained voluntary consent and entered a warehouse located at 4800 W 34th Street #C18. The warehouse, located in the same strip center as a daycare and church, was being used as major drug manufacturing lab.
The place was being used to manufacture methamphetamine pills and making them appear as “ecstasy” pills.
The suspects arrests were: Walter Stewart, 30; Carlos Castillo, 24; Quennell Stewart, 34; and Kevin Flood, 21.

The suspects would press thousands of pills a day to then sell and distribute.

At a second location, an apartment in the 1000 block of Pinemont Dr., deputies arrested several other suspects linked to the operation. Inside, deputies also found a large number of pills which were pressed to appear as ‘ecstasy’ but were methamphetamine.
Mostly were packaged in what is known on the street as a “K” pack, which is a bag containing 1000 pills. Inside the apartment deputies also recovered counterfeit money and codeine syrup.
According to deputies, the northwest Harris County lab had the capacity to manufacture approximately 25,000 “K” packs per day.
The four individuals arrested are:
All are charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance over 400 grams.

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