Message from the HCSO, HPD, and local pastors as the nation awaits Ferguson grand jury decision

As the nation awaits the Ferguson grand jury’s decision, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Houston Police Department, and Houston-area pastors, reminds the public that their right to peacefully assemble will be respected. We will work jointly to make sure that the safety of everyone remains a priority.

We are proud of the fact that we have made great progress in Houston/Harris County, building strong, positive and longstanding relationships between faith and community leaders and area law enforcement. These relationships have enabled us to work together to improve law enforcement’s responses to neighborhood concerns.

While we understand that old wounds may have been opened by what has happened in Ferguson, this also serves as a reminder that protecting and meriting the public’s trust is, and must remain, an ongoing effort, and is not to be taken for granted. Our collective experiences have taught us the value of mutual respect and embracing the diverse members of our community.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department are committed to being the best community policing agencies in the country – that is what makes Houston and Harris County different!

Our partnership with our community can serve as a model to the rest of the country!

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