Drunk-driver fatally strikes taco stand patron outside bar

Date of Occurrence: 11/22/2014 12 a.m.
Type of Case: Intoxicated Manslaughter
Case #: HC140172644
Location: 15934 East Freeway
Complainant: Jose Luis Garcia-Chavez
Suspect/Defendant: Jose Julian Patino
Notification of Next of Kin: Yes
Person Notified: Mayra Lozoya (Spouse)
Date and Time: 11/22/2014 10 a.m.
Approved for Release: R. Musil
Title: Accident Investigator

Details: This incident occurred in a nightclub parking lot located at 15934 East Freeway. A Chevrolet Box Van, converted into a mobile taco stand, was selling tacos in the parking lot after the bar closed. Jose Garcia-Chavez and was sitting at a table along the right side of the taco stand. 

Jose Patino was parked a short distance southeast and was facing the taco stand. 

Jose Patino made an unsafe start from a stop (while operating his Ford Taurus) and drove forward, striking Mr. Garcia-Chavez and pinning him between the car, the table and the taco stand. Mr. Patino backed the vehicle off of Mr. Garcia-Chavez and continued in reverse in a manner which led several people to believe he was intending on fleeing the scene. 

Mr. Patino struck the building with the back right of his car and the people in the parking lot were able to prevent him from fleeing the scene until law enforcement arrived. Mr. Garcia-Chavez died on the scene from the injuries he sustained during this crash. Mr. Patino was transported to the Bayshore Medical Center for injuries sustained after the crash.

Mr. Patino was found to be intoxicated and a subpoena was obtained for the hospital records. Hospital records indicated Mr. Patino's BAC was 0.239 at the time blood was drawn for medical purposes. This crash is under investigation by the Harris County Sheriff's Office Traffic Enforcement Division.

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