UPDATE: Suspect Arrested in 1995 Murder of Woman at 7824 Sherman

A suspect charged in the beating death of a woman at 7824 Sherman on April 16, 1995 is in custody.

The suspect, Pedro Hernandez Maldonado (H/m, 47), charged with murder in the 248th State District Court, is accused in the killing of Guadalupe Torres, 24, of the above address.

A photo of Maldonado, provided by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, is attached to this news release.

HPD Homicide Division Sergeant P. Motard of the Cold Case Unit reported:

Maldonado, who shared an apartment with Ms. Torres, was outside of the apartment drinking with friends when she arrived home from work.  Torres entered the apartment and Maldonado followed a short time later.  Witnesses reported hearing arguing that soon grew in intensity, but no one called police to report the incident.

Later that day (April 16), Torres’ boyfriend attempted to contact her but was unable to do so.  Concerned, the boyfriend went to her apartment but received no answer at the door.  Both he and a neighbor then made entry to the apartment and found Torres lying on the bed, unresponsive and bleeding from blunt force trauma.  She was transported to the hospital and died the next day.  At that time, HPD homicide investigators opened an investigation into the incident.  Further investigation and witness statements identified Maldonado as the suspect and he was subsequently charged.  However, at that time, all leads were exhausted and investigators were unable to locate Maldonado.

The HPD Homicide Division Cold Case Unit received information that U. S. Marshals had located Maldonado in Mexico.  He was extradited to the United States and is currently in the Harris County jail.