Kingwood Mobility Study Public Meeting Notice

Houston City Council Member Dave Martin would like to inform residents that the second public stakeholder meeting regarding the ongoing Kingwood Mobility Study will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at the Kingwood Community Center.

The meeting will include a presentation from Gunda Corporation on all feasible possible solutions to improve mobility in the Kingwood community. The information being presented will be a combination of surveys submitted, comments from the citizen database and quantitative research conducted by Gunda Corporation, which is available at There will also be an opportunity for the public to express individual comments and questions. All comments collected at this meeting will be taken into consideration when evaluating final mobility improvements.

The primary objective of this comprehensive study is to identify short, medium and long range projects intended to address the growth of the community and promote better mobility in the Kingwood area. It is Council Member Martin’s goal to ensure that all Kingwood residents have a voice and an opportunity to review the findings and provide input to identify potential solutions that would help mitigate the current traffic congestion and improve accessibility.

Kingwood residents are encouraged to continue to send their comments, questions and suggestions regarding traffic and mobility to

For more information, please contact Council Member Dave Martin’s office at 832- 393-3008 or