On July 26,2014, Affiant responded to the scene at 3730 Farlan Lane, Houston, Texas 770014, in north Harris County, Texas. Upon arrival,
Affiant learned HCSO’Deputy Billy Wiseman, Unit 41017, had been dispatched to 3730 Farlan Lane at 10:53 a.m. in reference to an “In
Progress” call received by 9-1-1 from Allen Eduardo Monroy-Pena. Affiant learned that Allen Monroy-Pena had stated to 9-1-1 operators that
there was blood in Complainant Blanca Pena’s bedroom. Affiant knows Deputy Wiseman to be a certified peace officer and a credible and
reliable person. Deputy Wiseman advised that he arrived at 3730 Farlan Lane at 10:58 a.m. and made contact with Allen Eduardo Monroy-Pena
and his wife, Fabiola Michelle Martinez. Deputy Wiseman advised that he learned that Allen Monroy-Pena and Fabiola Martinez are married,
and live at the residence with his mother Complainant Blanca Pena, and his step-father Jose Samuel Reyes-Lazo. Deputy Wiseman advised that
Allen Monroy-Pena stated that Complainant Blanca Pena was missing and there appeared to have been a struggle in her bedroom. Deputy
Wiseman also advised that Allen Eduardo Monroy-Pena stated that Complainant’s keys to her vehicle and her vehicle were still at the scene.
Harris County Sheriffs Officer Patrol Deputy J. Garcia, Unit 41016, obtained a written voluntary consent to search and seizure form from Jose
Reyes-Lazo, Allen Monroy-Pena, and Fabiola Martinez for the residence located at 3730 Farlan, Houston, Harris County, Texas, as well as for
the three vehicles at the scene .
Affiant spoke to Jose Samuel Reyes-Lazo. Affiant found Jose Reyes-Laze to be a credible and reliable person. Jose Reyes-Lazo advised that he
knows the Complainant Blanca Pena by name and sight as his wife. Jose Reyes-Laze advised that he was working out of town in EI Campo,
Texas at the time ofthe incident. Jose Reyes-Lazo stated he last made telephone contact with the Complainant, his wife, on Friday, July 25,2014
at approximately 10:00 p.m. Jose Reyes-Lazo advised that he received a telephone call from Marvin Pena on Saturday, July 26, 2014, at
approximatel y 9:30 a.m. stating the Complainant had not arrived at work.