Suspect Arrested, Charged in Fatal Shooting at 11631 Sela Lane


Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of a woman at 11631 Sela Lane about 12:15 a.m. on Saturday (September 20).

The suspect, Melesio Gamino Rocha (H/m, 60) is charged with murder in the 339th State District Court.  A photo of suspect Rocha is attached to this news release.

The victim, Maria Esther Rocha, 56, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the neck and was pronounced dead at the scene.

HPD Homicide Division Police Officers G. Sullivan and D. Stark reported:

The suspect, Melesio Rocha, was interviewed by HPD Homicide Division investigators after officers responded to the above address and found Ms. Rocha deceased.  Melesio Rocha admitted to firing the shot that killed his wife, Maria.  The weapon believed to have been used in the shooting was recovered at the scene.